Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Goolge Earth: released Free!!!!!

Google Earth, AKA Keyhole 3, was released today as a beta version. The upgrade is available from Keyhole 2 with more options and features. They have dropped their already low price of 19.99/year to FREE. However, there is a more clear version (GoogleEarthPro) that costs $20/year. The program allows users to fly around the world in 3D mode. It offers a aerial view and the perspective from the ground. You can download the program absolutely free here.

AMD Sues Intel

AMD sues Intel because they claim that Intel has an unlawful monopoly in the microprocessor market. They claim that Intel is using unjust tactics to make companies quit buying AMD. According to AMD, major corporations such as Compaq, Dell, and Sony have all been victims of this. They have a list of about 38 companies that they claimed were victims of this foul play. The lawsuit came just after their complaint that AMD Sony sales dropped from 23% in 2002 to 0% today.

Say good-bye to needles

What happens when you get a gun capable of shooting 1,500 mph yet does not evoke pain? This gun is no ordinary gun, it is called the PMED (DNA Particle Mediated Epidermal Delivery device). Developed by PowderMed in Oxford England, this gun fires microscopic drug particles beneath the skin's surface. Although still under testing for influenza and HIV, (soon hepatitis B) the PMED already has numerous advantages over conventional needles:

1. It forces powdered DNA directly into immune cells, resulting in patients only taking about one thousandth of the dose used in needle injections.
2. The gun eliminates needle sticks
3. The vaccine doesn't require refrigeration, which is a leading cause to high cost of distributing drugs in third world countries.

Thankfully, technology has yet again improved the lives of mankind, this time taking us one step closer to saying good-bye to those awful needles.

Internet File Sharing Suits

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that Hollywood and the music industry can file piracy lawsuits against technology companies caught encouraging customers to steal music and movies over the Internet, but the ruling is not expected to have immediate impact on consumers. The justices stated that copying digital files such as movies, music or software programs "threatens copyright holders as never before" because it's so easy and popular, especially among teens. Entertainment companies declare that 2.6 billion songs, movies and other digital files are stolen each month through P2P programs. The ruling signifies an important victory for Hollywood and record companies, which have had to rely on suing individually of the thousands of computer users caught sharing music and movies online.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Japan's New "Bullet Train"

Japan has already run trials of its new, more sleek "Bullet Train." The original train was released in 1964 and the new one is capable of travelling at 233-250 mph. It's been redesigned with safety as its number one priority. The new design includes flaps on the top of the train to provide rapid braking in a earthquake situation. The new model is expected to be released by 2011.

Ebay Turns 10

Today Ebay turned 10! Ebay is the number one online marketplace. With 150 million registered users it's not hard to tell why. It has grown to one of the world's most powerful and wealthiest companies. Just to show how powerful Ebay really is, 1.4 billion items were sold last year which means for every $100 that was spent online, $14 was spent on Ebay. Although it has improved over the years, Ebay currently has about an 1% fraudulant rate. It is already starting to compete with other major companies such as Amazon, Google, and Yahoo.

Build Your Own Skype Phone

Here is a tutorial on how to build your own Skype phone. The point in building this is so that it can be wireless!! It's pretty simple and well worth it because a real Skype phone would easily cost over $60. Here is an idea, get a Headset phone like this one and convert it into a Skype phone, because all this tweaking is really doing is basically converting a phone into a wireless headset. You can listen to music that is playing on your computer. It can double as a Skype phone and a wireless mp3 player.

No more conventional warfare?

Does the sci-fi movie Stealth seem to be unbelievably unrealistic? Does the U.S. or any other country in world have the capabilities of designing these so called superior aircrafts that will replace pilots in the future?

The answer is yes, but not absolutely.
Currently even the USAF's major project, the Lockheed Martin F/A-22 Raptor, is uncomparable to Boeing's Stingray 1 and 2. Not that the Raptor isn't faster, stealthier, or even packes a bigger punch, but that the fact Boeing's X-45A aircrafts are unmanned. Paving the way for future unmanned aircrafts, these primitive unmanned combat air vehicles (UCAVs) are only prototypes which are slow, not particularly agile, and only carry one bomb. However, they have the ablity of preforming many missions carried out by traditional aircrafts and other missions that their manned counterparts can't (at a lower cost and for a longer period of time). Although a number of experts predict that these air vehicles, not the Raptor, will represent the future of air combat, the technology of UCAV and official Air Force consent has yet to be realized.

FreeVoip Mobile-Mobile Calling.

This week on the Pulprit, there is a tutorial on how to get free cell phone calls using the Skype interface. This is possible with a new software developed by IPDRUM. It basically offers free mobile to mobile calls worldwide on Skype. All you need is a cable and phone. This will allow you to make free Voip Calls anywhere. For more information visit their website.

Google Launchs Video Playback Today

Google has launched a new video playback program which will stay on your browser. It will be based on VLC media player. It is absoulutely free. It's great for watching video on the Google video interface. It doesn't even interfere with other media players. You can install it now for free.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Sykpe has released a new version( If you haven't heard of it, it's a new Voip (Voice over Internet protocol) program. The sound comes through crisp and clear. Talk to anyone anywhere in the world with internet access for FREE. You can also call house phones for about half the price of your current telephone provider. The new version has a new look and some additional options. You can download it here.


Kevin Rose is back except this time it's not on TechTV. It's an all new show called Systm . You can download these episodes via bittorent on Windows, or Quicktime files. He currently has 2 episodes: one about a Warspying device and another on MythTv.

Object Dock 1.11

This is a great new program manager. If your desktop is getting ridiculously full like mine is, download Object dock. This neat little program will place all your critical desktop items on top of your screen. It is barely noticeable and ridiculously convenient. It's sort of like the Mac layout, and best of all, it's completely free.

Goggle: Personalize Your Homepage

If you haven't heard about it yet, it's Google's new customizable homepage. You can customize your email, stock market quotes, New York Times, BBC news, Google news, weather, weird news, Slashdot, movies, driving directions, quote of the day, and word of the day. It is working really well for me right now, and it's super convenient.

Nasa's Deep Impact - July 4

Nasa's Deep Impact project will not only give a good show, but bring in a lot of scientific data and samples. It has already traveled over 431 million kilometers through space. Soon, it will meet its fate... the Temple 1, the asteroid that will be hit to collect scientific data. Be sure to watch the interactive animation.

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