Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Say good-bye to needles

What happens when you get a gun capable of shooting 1,500 mph yet does not evoke pain? This gun is no ordinary gun, it is called the PMED (DNA Particle Mediated Epidermal Delivery device). Developed by PowderMed in Oxford England, this gun fires microscopic drug particles beneath the skin's surface. Although still under testing for influenza and HIV, (soon hepatitis B) the PMED already has numerous advantages over conventional needles:

1. It forces powdered DNA directly into immune cells, resulting in patients only taking about one thousandth of the dose used in needle injections.
2. The gun eliminates needle sticks
3. The vaccine doesn't require refrigeration, which is a leading cause to high cost of distributing drugs in third world countries.

Thankfully, technology has yet again improved the lives of mankind, this time taking us one step closer to saying good-bye to those awful needles.


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